Van Loon Hoeven BV

more then one and a half century your reliable and professional partner in fertilizer

Our fully family-owned company has developed from a fertilizer commodity wholesaler / retailer to a professional organisation with a complete fertilizer assortment for farmer, retailer and wholesale for arable and horticulture crops, both for open air as well as greenhouses.

Our sales area in North-West Europe is concentrated on the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, all Germany, Switzerland and the North of France. Outside Europe we deal directly with the professional (greenhouse) grower with special products, like Calcium Nitrate DUCANIT, the most purest and highest nutrient brand worldwide, in many countries in Africa, North-, Mid- and South-America, as well as Asia.

We also sell for export all standard and special arable fertilizers in containers where ever in the world, easy to realize via our own line of warehouses and bagging/palletizing machinery close to Antwerp/ Rotterdam seaport

In North-West Europe the road transport is effected via our fully owned transportcompany thus enabling a direct and efficient contact with the final receiver.

In our warehouses we can store 10.000 tons of bulk product and more than 5.000 tons of bagged fertilizer outside. Our distance to the large European seaports Antwerp and Rotterdam is no more than 30 minutes. We dispose of a modern fully automatic bagging and palletizing machinery for all kindof products - also non-fertilizer like salts- with a minimum hour bagging capacity of 25 tons.


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